Ordering a Sample


To order a sample locate the product page of the seal you would like a sample of.


You can either type the code in to the search bar e.g. SEAL001 or use the size filters to help you decide which seal you need.


Once on the product page select the 25mm Sample option from the lengths available which will cost you £1.50 per sample. 


If you require samples of other products click Continue Shopping and locate your next product.


Once all your samples are added to your basket click Proceed to Checkout

The reason we offer this sample service is to allow you to trial one or more samples before you purchase the full length item. Some of our seals are quite long and if you order the wrong one it will likely cost you quite a lot to send it back to us for a refund, so if you can wait the extra couple of days to get the right seal, we strongly recommend you order a sample before deciding on exactly which seal(s) to purchase.

Here is a 2 minute video showing how you order multiple samples

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